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Combination Drinking & Blowing Horns

Combination Horns are a drinking and blowing horn in one, and our most popular horn at shows and fairs.

 Your drink is held inside by a tight fitting cork, which when removed allows the horn to be used for blowing like a trumpet. They make a deep, rich sound when blown.
Combination horns measure 14 to 21 inches (35-53 cm) long, and hold 16 to 48 ounces (470-1420 ml) or more.
They are hand-crafted from authentic cattle horns.   Each horn is a one-of-a-kind, unique creation.
All our combo horns are lined on the inside with a hard plastic coating - perfect for use with hot, cold, and alcoholic beverages.
They come with a leather strap, and will hang upright on your shoulder with your drink inside.

Each horn pictured below is a photo of the exact horn you will receive.
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